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Traffic Control Solutions

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Safety First Traffic Solutions offers a helpful service for those that need to work on or near a roadway in South Texas. We work from the South of San Antonio to the Coast and the Border. We can help with any level of the process, from planning to completion. You do not need to know anything about traffic control. We can help explain the current rules and regulations (Federal, State, Local) for whatever area you are in and what your project needs entail. The earlier in the process you involve us the more time or money (and stress) we can likely save you. At Safety First Traffic Solutions we will gladly work directly with engineers to design and implementation of their traffic control plan (TCP).

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Safety is OUR NUMBER ONE priority because it affects everyone, from the worker to the general public and all their families along the way.  It can change someone’s life forever, therefore why take a chance if you are unsure of what to do?

Services We Offer


Traffic Control Supplies

Reflective Signs
Slow Stop Paddles
Lighting, Message Boards
Arrow Trailers
Employee Driven TMA Trucks
Fully Filled or Empty Sandbags
Rollup Signs


Traffic Control Setup

Full traffic control plan setup including all equipment and labor per engineered plan, local, state, and federal standards.


Daily Lane Closures

We offer full-service daily lane closures according to TXDOT standards for any job situation that requires a lane closure and traffic shift.


Mobile Operations

We can offer a full service flagging crew and TMA (Truck Mounted Attenuator) Shadow trucks for your jobs that keep moving.


Long Term

We can offer crews, or set up for your project no matter how long you will need it.

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