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Chemical Weed Control

Our chemical weed control division operates under the organization Industrial Road Kill LLC.

Industrial Road Kill LLC. services Industrial and Commercial Chemical Weed Control. We are licensed and insured for work with regulated weed, grass, and brush control chemicals.

Types of Areas We Service

(TXDOT or Local) Any Size,
Construction Signs, Building Signs,
Business Signs, Banners, Custom Signs

Industrial Sites
Wind Farms
Oil and Gas Sites
Agriculture Storage and Gin Facilities
Roadway Right of Way Local and TXDOT

Commercial Buildings

Parking Areas

Prevent Fires and
Equipment Destruction

We help to prevent fires and equipment destruction from growth in equipment areas. Specifically designed for areas that do not want regrowth. Not for Residential areas.

Our process is designed to match the area or needs that you may have. We offer one time application along with a regular maintenance schedule for areas that require constant supervision.


Charlie @ 361-290-6766

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